Recent events force us to react quickly and dynamically to the market´s needs. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus SARS-CoV-2. Symptoms include fever, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. The virus can spread from person to person, but good hygiene can prevent infection.


Alert solution

How to deal with extraordinary restrictions such as a social distance within 2 meters? A solution is simple - with vibration via personal wrists. And what's more: it is possible to upgrade the firmware and use the wrists in an anti-collision system, ALIS Shield. Like that you can protect
employees against handling techniques.

  • UWB wireless technology

  • adjustable alert distance

  • after firmware upgrade possible to use as a anti-collision tool or RTLS



Mucosal protection

ALIS Protection Shield is an additional protection equipment against viruses transmitted by droplets. All parts of the shield are made from recycled materials. The product can be easily disinfected by alcohol liquids and reuse. 

  • designed for maximum user comfort

  • quick assembly and handling

  • lightweight ergonomic design

  • reusable

  • fully usable with glasses

  • practical adjustable rubber strap included

Basic information

The temperature resistance of the headdress is up to 140 °C and the shield up to 40 °C. The
headdress is resistant against acetone, IPA ethanol 100%, glycerine, sodium 
hydroxide 50%, hydrogen peroxide 30%, and other chemical compounds. The shield is resistant against ethanol, IPA glycerine, and other chemical compounds.


STOP quarantine

One of the three main symptoms of COVID-19 illness and other dangerous viruses is a high or higher temperature. It is a sign that the body tries to fight with the infection. A human with high body temperature is dangerous not only in the pandemic time but in general. An infected employee can easily and quickly spread the virus in a whole work collective which causes large absences or quarantine.  



ALIS Tech introduces a sick worker detection system based on temperature screening before entering the workplace.

The fever screening device is placed on the wall in the entrance or any other desired area for body temperature detection (indoor use). The device includes a non-contact thermal and RGB camera.

The unit measures with an accuracy of 0,3°C. FDS sends pictures of employees with higher body temperature via e-mail to a responsible person. The level of higher temperature is adjustable. A customer can edit it by himself. FDS also measures employees wearing protective masks or glasses. System contactless checks up to 350 people per one hour. 

Possible extensions

  • History report and analysis on a dedicated web page.

  • Link to comprehensive RTLS (Real-Time Localization System).

  • Face detection visualization tool.

Scan speed

Up to 350 employees per hour



For online body temperature monitoring

Smart temperature sensor TS 4.0 is CE medical device certified to continuously measure temperature and
wirelessly send measured data to medical staff (PC, tablet, mobile phone). Unlike the traditional method,
the Smart Temperature Sensor TS 4.0 is small, flexible, soft, child-friendly, and works continuously and

The clinically certified temperature sensor provides accurate measurement up to +/- 0.05 ° C (0.009 ° F).
The temperature sensor meets ISO 10993.
It monitors body temperature 24/7 and collects data at a freely adjustable measurement frequency.
Sensor dimensions: 28 mm * 26 mm * 3.5 mm (length * width * thickness)
The sensor is soft, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, adaptable to body curve, and comfortably adhesive to the skin.

Advantages of the temperature sensor

  1. It continuously collects patient temperature data.

  2. Has an option to send a warning/notification when the temperature is exceeded.

  3. Eliminates the time needed by medical staff to measure patient temperature values.

  4. Reduces the risk of infecting medical staff and the risk of spreading the disease.

Application via medical tape 

Easy application 

Permanent body temperature monitoring

The app designed according to medical needs


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