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ALIS Tech s.r.o. is a company looking at the occupational health and safety of an operation of medium to large companies from a whole different perspective. We aim to create and ensure a safe working environment avoiding any possible accidents. We base our solutions on the latest technologies defining the direction of Industry 4.0 and implement digitalization trends into so-called blind spots to eliminate operational blindness.


ALIS Tech s.r.o.
Tuřanka 1222/115, Slatina 627 00 Brno, Czechia

company registration number: 06728103
tax identification number: CZ06728103

phone: +420 739 233 985

Sales team
phone: +420 605 844 560 

Just one single step ahead to reach a safe and efficient workplace. Leave us a message and we will get in touch with you. 


Currently, we are looking for new partners from Europe who will spread our vision and mission of safer culture of all operations around the world. Be part of our family and get innovative and timeless products into your portfolio. Contact our kind Barbora and secure your firm place in first-class safety.


wide distribution

exhibitor on Safety Expo
A+A in Düsseldorf 2021

Sergio Cadenas, CEO

Nosia s.r.o., Partner from Spain

„We consider ALIS Tech a young, innovative, and dynamic company with a very high technological capability and great fresh flexibility to develop the tailored suit industrial solutions for our customers. In NOSIA SRL we are very happy with our partnership. We assure will grow together in a wide range of industrial areas like Nuclear Power Industries, Petrochemical, Automotive, Paper&Pulp industry, food industries, pharma and power plants.“

„Collaborating with the company ALIS Tech has enabled Fitelec Prévention to enter the 4.0 era of safety and prevention equipment and to offer its customers in the industrial and logistics sector an innovative and complementary offer. ALIS Tech is responsive and attentive to each project, to each partner and regularly researches what is new in the prevention and safety market, in order to offer them to us. Their philosophy is similar to ours: the customer is at the center of the relationship and we love our customers.“

Julie Bellanger, manager

FITELEC PREVENTION s.r.o., Partner from France

Thomas Vestergaard, manager

Ejnar C. Kjeldsen A/S, Partner from Denmark

„We highly appreciate our co-operation with ALIS Tech. ALIS Tech supplies, without a question, the best products on the market within eg. anti-collision systems and LED visualization. No matter what challenges we face, ALIS Tech is always helpful in finding the best solution to this. For the benefit of both us as a distributor and our customers.

In short - ALIS Tech. always delivers high-quality products and services.“


Ing. Jakub Snížek


Josef Hrabal

Business Director

Miroslav Tobola

Managing Director

Mgr. Barbora Valtarová

International Market Manager


Tuřanka 1222/115, Slatina, 627 00 Brno | Czech Republic | | Tel: +420 739 233 985

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